Prosper Marciano

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Thirty years of literature have shown that changes in mRNA abundance provide insight into cellular functioning. Indeed, mRNA abundance measurements have been used to determine how effective particular drugs are in eliciting cellular responses, in monitoring behavioral responses, and in several other areas of neurobiology. Although investigation of(More)
Using mesh or a synthetic prosthesis during tension-free inguinal hernia repair has been shown to be safe and effective. We compared the final outcome in treating inguinal hernia in 45 patients using three different prosthetic materials: 15 patients underwent tension-free inguinal hernia repair using Prolene (polypropylene) mesh, 15 using Vypro (polyglactin(More)
Aqueous extracts of pomegranate peels were assayed in vitro for their antifungal activity against six rot fungi that cause fruit and vegetable decay during storage. The growth rates of Alternaria alternata , Stemphylium botryosum , and Fusarium spp. were significantly inhibited by the extracts. The growth rates were negatively correlated with the levels(More)
Aspergillus strains belonging to the Aspergillus niger aggregate, either isolated from Italian grapes or received from public collections, were analysed in order to discriminate between the ochratoxin A (OTA) producing and the non-producing strains by means of the analysis of Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS), Intergenic Spacers (IGS) and of a beta-tubulin(More)
Calcifying fibrous pseudotumor (CFPT) is a recently described peculiar lesion characterized by the presence of abundant hyalinized collagen with psammomatous or dystrophic calcifications and a lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate. Initially, a few cases of CFPT were observed in the subcutaneous and deep soft tissues, especially at the level of the extremities,(More)
Out of 618 cases of colon cancer treated between 1976 and 1986, 25 had an unusual local invasion. They underwent radical surgery with total resection of one or more adjacent organs. This group is made of 17 female and 8 male patients, with an average age of 58 years. All the patients underwent resection of the colon with radical excision of the locally(More)
An unusual case of migration of an Angelchik esophageal antireflux prosthesis is reported. It was displaced at the middle third of gastric body, in a 49-year old female patient, who had undergone a surgical correction of hiatal hernia 6 months before and it had induced a severe narrowing of gastric lumen. Surgeons using this device should be aware of its(More)