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Recent studies suggest that in medium and long terms, distributed solar photo-voltaic generator (SPVG) will become commercially so attractive that large-scale implementation of this type can be seen in many parts of the world. The increase in the amount of renewable energy will cause stability and security issues in power system. An effective method is used(More)
While many public services are getting web-enabled, there are many hurdles in getting those services to a common man. A key problem is the low Internet penetration among this population. Despite the growth in mobile phone usage, mobile internet has not taken off. More than 50% of the handsets sold just support voice and text messaging. We therefore, propose(More)
This work introduces coupled Cellular Automata (CA) and LFSR (CA-LFSR) machine, defined in Galois Extension Field (GF(2<sup>p</sup>)), for the cost optimal design of 3-D steel building frames. Tall steel building frames are subjected to substantially high lateral forces due to wind and/or earthquake, in addition to the usual dead and live loads. The cost of(More)
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