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BACKGROUND This randomized study was conducted to compare the hemodynamic changes and emergence characteristics of sevoflurane versus propofol anesthesia for microlaryngeal surgery. METHODS Forty adult patients undergoing microlaryngoscopy were randomly allocated into two groups. In propofol group, anesthesia was induced with 2-3 mg/kg propofol and(More)
The neurophysiological and the neurolinguistic basis of multilingualism is not yet fully elucidated. A study of the occurrence of aphasia in multilingual patients and the pattern of recovery may help to clarify some unsolved problems. For e.g. is the ability to use a second language stored in a different area of the left hemisphere and what is the extent of(More)
UNLABELLED This article evaluates all the EEG parameters suggested in the literature that undergo changes due to anaesthetic dose, and suggests a set of EEG parameters that act as best signatures of anaesthetic state of a patient. This set of EEG parameters is validated by an artificial neural network. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to(More)
Socio-demographic con-elates of chronic pain have been described in this study. 200 consecutive chronic pain patients referred from different clinics were examined in detail and their clinical description were recorded. No significant correlation could be established between qualitative description of pain and socio-demographic variables. Pain reported by(More)
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