Prolima Thacker

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PURPOSE Despite recent advances in the management of epilepsy the efforts to assess knowledge, attitude and practice towards epilepsy are limited, particularly in the developing countries. To delineate the magnitude and scope of this problem, present study was conducted to assess the knowledge attitude and practice about epilepsy amongst schoolteachers in(More)
This paper describes a comparison of the cerebral cortical appearance of 101 patients with a history of clinical depression and 52 control subjects. An age-related increase in sulcal widening was evident in both groups. However, after controlling for age, the patients were found to differ from control subjects in two respects: they had a greater amount of(More)
To compare 25- and 20-gauge pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) for the management of pediatric cataract. 20 eyes of 15 patients were randomly divided into two groups to undergo pars plana capsulotomy and vitrectomy by either 25-gauge (group A) or 20-gauge (group B) PPV after lens aspiration and IOL implantation. The two groups were compared for total surgical(More)
To assess the efficacy of vertical muscle surgery for management of hypotropia in monocular elevation deficiency (MED) type II. Knapp’s is described as standard procedure for management of MED type II. However, it is not graded and has unpredictable amount of correction. Besides this, there is drift towards overcorrection with time and limitation of(More)
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