Professor Samuel Sideman

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The effects of myocardial contraction on the coronary flow are studied by means of an integrated structural model of left ventricular (LV) mechanics, coronary flow, and fluid and mass transport. This model relates global LV performance, and in particular coronary flow dynamics, to myocardial composition and structure and contractile sarcomere activity.(More)
This study relates to our earlier study which predicts the transmural distribution as well as the global left ventricular (LV) function and oxygen demand, based on the LV structure, geometry and sarcomere function. Here, we test the predicted global oxygen demand against experimental data in anesthetized, open chest dogs under changing working conditions.(More)
ONE OF the major problems in modern hospitals is that different imaging techniques are applied to a patient in different departments by different physicians. The imaging procedures are performed independently, and the results are normally interpreted separately. The advantage of combining these information sources so as to better serve the patients' needs(More)
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