Professor Monica Whitty

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OBJECTIVES To undertake a systematic review of the effectiveness and costs of different guideline development, dissemination and implementation strategies. To estimate the resource implications of these strategies. To develop a framework for deciding when it is efficient to develop and introduce clinical guidelines. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE, Healthstar,(More)
A questionnaire to evaluate patient satisfaction following general anaesthesia was designed with the aid of focus groups. A subsequent audit identified aspects of care which could be improved on the basis of responses to the satisfaction questionnaire. It is possible to design a discriminating satisfaction questionnaire for general anaesthesia.
An outbreak of diarrhoea occurred at a 647-bedded long-stay hospital from 11 to 14 June 1989. Fifty-eight elderly residents developed symptoms and there were two deaths. The organism was identified as Clostridium perfringens type A, serotype TW23. The source of the outbreak was found to be inadequately reheated minced beef served at lunchtime on 11 June.(More)
Self-completion instruments assessing subjective health are increasingly being used to measure patient outcome. However, there is very little evidence as yet of existing instruments' responsiveness to change. This paper describes a study to evaluate the responsiveness to change of a self-completion instrument for the measurement of clinical outcome in(More)
Introduction: The number of non‐diabetic drugs, taken by a patient with diabetes at any one point in time, has been validated in previous studies as a comorbidity indicator.Aim: The aim of the paper is to examine the relationship between this comorbidity indicator and health status in people with Type 2 diabetes.Method: The analysis presented is from a(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has revolutionized the health world, enabling self-diagnosis and online support to take place irrespective of time or location. Alongside the positive aspects for an individual's health from making use of the Internet, debate has intensified on how the increasing use of Web technology might have a negative impact on patients,(More)
An investigation into an outbreak of food poisoning caused by Clostridium perfringens showed evidence of poor food handling by catering staff. The reasons behind this were explored by interviewing catering staff, analysing shifts and rotas, and looking at staff vacancies. Morale was low because of staff shortages resulting from a long term recruitment(More)