Prof. Pedro Fernández-Llebrez

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Endocannabinoids (ECs) are important neuromodulators involved in a plethora of physiological processes such as modulation of synaptic transmission, neuroprotection, immune function, and neurodevelopment, among others. However, still lacking is a detailed study on the presence of this system in the circumventricular areas, brain structures controlling the(More)
The subcommissural organ (SCO) of the snake Natrix maura was studied by use of the immunoperoxidase procedure. Primary antisera against bovine neurophysins (Nps I + II, OXY-Np), oxytocin (OXY), mesotocin (MST), arginine-vasotocin (AVT), somatostatin (SOM), β-endorphin (END) and bovine Reissner's fiber were used. A conventional ultrastructural study, with(More)
By the use of lectin histochemistry, and immunocytochemistry with antisera against bovine neurophysins I and II (NPs), arginine vasotocin (AVT) and mesotocin (MST), the neural lobe of the hypophysis in the snake Natrix maura was investigated at the light- and electron-microscopic levels. While paraldehyde-fuchsin stained virtually all neurosecretory(More)
An immunocytochemical study of the magnocellular neurosecretory nuclei was performed in the snake Natrix maura and the turtle Mauremys caspica by use of antisera against: (1) a mixture of both bovine neurophysins, (2) bovine oxytocin-neurophysin, (3) arginine vasotocin, and (4) mesotocin. Arginine vasotocin- and mesotocin-immunoreactivities were localized(More)
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