Prof. P. Rutgeerts

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the discomfort associated with CT colonography compared with colonoscopy and bowel purgation cleansing, and to evaluate patient preference between CT colonography and colonoscopy. In a total of 124 patients, scheduled for multidetector virtual CT colonography and diagnostic colonoscopy, patient acceptance and future(More)
Using monoclonal antibodies on fresh frozen endoscopically obtained oesophageal biopsies the distribution of Langerhans cells, B lymphocytes, and various subpopulations of T lymphocytes was studied in the normal human oesophageal mucosa and in oesophagitis. Identification of the lymphocytes was carried out by an immunoperoxidase technique using OKT3(More)
We have analysed the long term results of YAG laser palliation for incurable colorectal carcinoma in 88 patients. Although initial palliation was achieved in 82%, good palliation could only be maintained in 51% and 41% of patients surviving 6 months and 12 months respectively. The relative inefficacy of YAG laser therapy for palliation of rectal cancer is(More)
The immunohistochemical findings in granulomatous lymphadenitis in patients with Crohn's disease are presented and compared with conventional light microscopic findings. The cellular composition of the granulomas in mesenteric lymph nodes was examined with a broad panel of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directed to B-cells, T-cells,(More)
The modality for endoscopic hemostasis of severe ulcer bleeding best studied is Neodymium-Yag laser photocoagulation. It has been shown that this treatment significantly reduces the duration of bleeding, the risk for rebleeding, indications for emergency surgery and in some series even mortality. The laser apparatus, however, is expensive. Other simple and(More)
A solitary hepatic metastasis is amenable to surgery. However, if surgery is contraindicated or if multiple lesions are present in both liver lobes, other treatment modalities have to be considered. We compared the effect of interstitial laser hyperthermia with damage caused by alcoholization. Six anaesthetized beagle dogs were studied. Three animals were(More)
Several studies have demonstrated that radiofrequency energy delivery at the gastroesophageal junction (the Stretta procedure) induces symptom relief in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), although improvement of acid exposure on pH monitoring was usually limited. A role for decreased esophageal sensitivity has been suggested. Our aim was to evaluate(More)
Aphthous lesions in the neoterminal ileum from patients operated for Crohn's disease are an early sign of recurrence that can be identified during ileocolonoscopy. The origin of these lesions was studied in nine patients treated by terminal ileal resection and right hemicolectomy for complicated Crohn's disease. During surgery the neoterminal ileum was(More)
Le traitement des polypes coliques malins par résection endoscopique est généralement accepté. Il est également admis que la coloscopie constitue la meilleure méthode de surveillance des patients porteurs ďadénomes du côlon. Les adénomes présentant des zones épithéliales malignes furent et sont également traités par endoscopie. Ľattitude thérapeuti-que chez(More)
In a randomized study, Nd-YAG laser therapy by the endoscopic contact low-power method was compared with the non-contact high-power method for its palliative action on colorectal carcinoma. With the contact technique, more therapy sessions were required to achieve good recanalization of the bowel than with non-contact therapy (5.0±1.9 sessionsversus 3.0±1.5(More)