Prof. Janez J. Orel

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During the period 1962–1976, 196 patients were operated on for carcinoma of the esophagus (51) and cardia (145). In all patients resection with primary esophagogastrostomy or esophagojejunostomy was performed. Metastases involving the regional lymph nodes were found in 54.2% of patients. The early postoperative mortality rate was 21.9%. The most common(More)
Cannabis poisoning is rarely reported in young children. We present the case of a child twenty months old admitted to the Emergency Room because of sopor, hypotonia and miosis. This is the first out of 1150 poisonings under the age of five registered at Trieste between 1975-1992. Cannabis poisoning has to be considered despite its rarity in a child with(More)
Child abuse by toxic substances is not easy to identify due to both the lack of signs of physical violence and the high incidence of accidental poisonings. Twelve cases of documented abuse, out of 6175 poisonings in children aged 0-13 years, were registered during 1975-1990 at Genova, Torino and Trieste Children Hospitals. In other 139 children the(More)
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