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Electrophysiological investigations of histamine in different cardiac tissues have led to the following results: 1) Histamine and the H2-agonists dimaprit and impromidine show similar actions on electrophysiological parameters of ventricular myocardium (especially a decrease in action potential duration), which are completely blocked by cimetidine and(More)
H1-receptor reserves in guinea-pig left atria, trachea and pig coronary arteries were calculated by the use of phenoxybenzamine (Pba), a β-haloalkylamine that irreversibly blocks the H1-receptor response to histamine or 2-(2-pyridyl)-ethylamine (PEA). Equieffective concentrations of the H1-agonist in the absence (A) and presence (A′) of Pba were evaluated(More)
The electrophysiological effects mediated by β1- and β2- in spontaneously active sheep cardiac Purkinje fibers were investigated using the non-selective agonist (−)-isoproterenol (IPN) and the selective agonists (−)-noradrenaline (β1) and procaterol (β2) in the absence and presence of the selective antagonists bisoprolol (β1) and ICI 118,551 (β2). IPN (0.01(More)
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