Prof. Dr. Taisuke Nakao

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Wild-type soybean (Glycine max [L] Merr. cv Bragg) and a nitrate-tolerant supernodulating mutant (nts382) were grown in split root systems to investigate the involvement of the autoregulation response and the effect of timing of inoculation on nodule suppression. In Bragg, nodulation of the root portion receiving the delayed inoculation was suppressed(More)
Myotendinous junctions in the myotomal tail muscles of the tadpole of Rana rugosa were examined by electron microscopy. At the site of the myotendinous junction, the sarcolemma is covered on its sarcoplasmic aspect by the connecting filament layer and the attachment layer, and on the extracellular aspect by the intermediary layer and the external lamina,(More)
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