Prof. Dr. M.M. Berger

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The effect of physical training on glucose tolerance in vivo and skeletal muscle glucose metabolism in vitro was investigated in normal rats. Treadmill running for 10 days up to 240 min/day led to a decrease of basal and glucose-stimulated plasma insulin levels without major alterations of the IV glucose tolerance (1 g/kg body weight). Swim training of two(More)
The absorption of subcutaneously injected insulin was examined by injecting semisynthetic [3H] insulin in anaesthetized pigs and subsequently analysing the tissue excised from the injection site. Contrary to previously accepted views, a significant proportion of insulin was degraded at the injection site. The disappearance of intact [3H] insulin from the(More)
Schwerbrandverletzte (mehr als 20% verbrannter Körperoberfläche bei Erwachsenen) weisen in der ersten Phase (8–48 h) einen durch das massive Kapillarleck bedingten Verbrennungsschock auf, der einer Infusionstherapie bedarf, um die Hämodynamik wieder herzustellen. Bis in die 80er Jahre stellte eine unzureichende Flüssigkeitstherapie (Unterinfusion) die(More)
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