Prof. Dr. K. Tiedemann

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In freeze-fracture replicas of the entire cross-fractured mesonephros of 18 day rabbit embryos the basolateral and luminal cell faces of the different nephron segments were studied and compared with their metanephric counterparts. In the proximal tubule, the shallow zonula occludens exhibited only 1–2 strands and resembled the corresponding metanephric(More)
Vascularization of the pig mesonephros was investigated in embryos 5–8 cm in length. Vascular injections with microfil were cleared and dissected; corrosion casts were studied under the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Perfusion-fixed tissue was used for SEM and transmission electron microscope (TEM) studies, including freeze-fracture specimens. The(More)
The phase of primitive erythropoiesis in the feline yolk sac lasts from the 14th to the 20th day after mating. The globular nucleated primitive erythroblasts are formed extravascularly to some extent, but they can be clearly distinguished from the endoderm. They do not undergo a denucleation and are still present in the circulating blood on the 45th day.(More)
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