Prof. Dr. H. -J. Peiper

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From 1955 to 1968 2 ruptures and 8 perforations of the esophagus were observed at the Surgical Clinic of the University of Cologne. A description of their pathology and clinical symptomatology is pointed out. Moreover, a number of 181 ruptures and 445 perforations of the esophagus compiled from world literature are presented and discussed. The differences(More)
The pathologic nature of hiatus hernia is discussed. The indications for surgery should depend only on the severity of reflux esophagitis; this is indicated by the tonus and reactivity of the lower esophageal sphincter and the motility of the esophagus. The patho genesis of sphincter insufficiency is also discussed, and it is felt that disturbances in(More)
In the present postgraduate medical training regulations for doctors in Germany, the importance of scientific research is not sufficiently stressed. The problem arises in the university clinic because there is a greater emphasis on clinical training, where on the other hand there should be a combination of patient care, teaching and research. It is(More)
In the majority of cases a functioning pancreatic isletcell-tumour is responsible for an organic hyperinsulinism. Symptoms, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities are discussed on the basis of the data of 25 patients with special consideration of surgical treatment. Removal of the tumour is the adequate therapy, relatively easy to perform, if the(More)
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