Prof. Dr. E. van der Zypen

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The morphological effects of trabeculectomy, performed as therapy for a case of chronic simple glaucoma, are described in the two eyes of a patient ten and thirteen months after treatment. Ten months after surgery, a transscleral channel, extending from the position formerly occupied by Schlemm's canal to the conjunctiva, is found. This channel is formed(More)
An isolated piece of the trabecular meshwork of a glaucomatous human eye which had lain on the iris surface for 16 months was examined electron microscopically. In addition, an isolated piece of the trabeculum which had been torn off in the course of an experimental trabeculotomy in a vervet monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) was studied in light and electron(More)
The stromal part of the pterygium is remarkably rich in plasma cells. The connective intercellular substance shows two different pathological modifications: A clotting together of collagen fibres to broad, osmiophilic, elastoid bands and a widening of the spaces containing the granular nonfibrillar ground-substance. The vascular system consists mostly of(More)
The reparative processes of the pigmented iris of the rabbit were analysed with ultrastructural methods. 1. Clearing of the damaged area by macrophages is the first step in the reparative processes. Clump cells are macrophages which are observed from the first day of the injury until the ninth week. 2. Repair of the anterior surface of the iris is largely(More)
The effects of the argon-ion laser upon the iris of the pigmented rabbit were analysed by ultrastructural methods. 1. Apart from the physical parameters of the energy source, the damage strongly depends on the concentration, location, and distribution of the iris pigment. 2. The irradiation of the iris results in the formation of a crater. Depending on the(More)
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