Prof. Dr. Dietrich Gulba

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Rekombinanter Faktor VIIa (rFVIIa) wird über die zugelassenen Indikationen hinaus zunehmend zur Behandlung von lebensbedrohlichen Blutungsereignissen bei Versagen der jeweiligen Standardtherapien eingesetzt. Eine interdisziplinäre Expertengruppe fasst den Erkenntnisstand zu rFVIIa in der Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie, bei Thrombozytopenien und -pathien,(More)
Diabetes mellitus patients after aorto-coronary bypass operation constitute a patient cohort at largely increased risk for secondary coronary events. Antiplatelet agents and antithrombotic agents are applied for secondary prevention. Up to now, secondary prevention has not been addressed specifically in the cohort of diabetic patients after bypass(More)
Myocardial ichemia induces redistribution of different ions (H+, K+, Na+, Ca++) across the cardiomyocyte membrane, as well as the loss of intracellular ATP content. This results in changes in the electrical properties including shortening of the action potential, appearance of delayed afterpotentials, and a modified refractoriness of the cardiomyocyte.(More)
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