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Laboratory and field tests demonstrated that 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide was an effective slimicide for use in papermaking systems and cooling towers. It was also effective as a bactericide for soluble oil emulsions. Acute toxicity tests showed that its hydrolysis at pH 9 and 23 C yielded products that were relatively nonhazardous to fathead minnows.
The guillemot colony on Helgoland, Germany, was visited from June 5th to 21st 1990. The presence of adults and food delivery to chicks was studied on a ledge holding about 50 breeding pairs. Attendance varied through the day, with most birds present at mid-day. Food consisted only of fish, 94.6% Clupeidae (herring and sprat) and 5.4% sand-eel. On average, a(More)
Bedingt durch besondere konstitutionelle antropomorphe Besonderheiten mit geringerer muskulärer Ausstattung und höherem Körperfettgehalt ist die gesamte Leistungsfähigkeit von Frauen gegenüber Männern in den athletischen Sportdisziplinen niedriger. Zusätzlich zeigen Frauen eine generelle Vorliebe für die ästhetischen Disziplinen. Im Frauenleistungssport(More)
A series of quaternaries prepared from hexamethylenetetramine and halohydrocarbons are shown to possess antimicrobial activity which depends upon the slow release of formaldehyde over a wide pH range. The rate of release appears to depend upon the halohydrocarbon moiety to a large extent. Toxicological studies show that these products can be used safely as(More)
Tests show that trichloro- and tetrachloro-4-(methylsulfonyl) pyridines have a wide spectrum of activity against microorganisms causing deterioration in industrial systems. They are particularly active as fungistats and are more effective against gram-positive than against gram-negative bacteria. Their fungistatic activity and persistence have led to(More)
We determined the inhibitory end point of a series of bis-methanethiolsulfonates, CH(3)SO(2)S(CH(2))(n)SSO(2)CH(3) (n = 2 to 6), and correlated the structures with antimicrobial activity. Eleven microorganisms were used in the evaluation, and the maximal activity occurred when the methylene chain length was five or six. The effect of(More)
Aufgrund massiver demographischer Veränderungen mit erheblicher Zunahme älterer Menschen und der ihnen drohenden Einschränkungen durch Krankheit, Invalidität und Behinderung, wird eine neue Form von „aktiver Prävention“ benötigt, welche mittlerweile mit der Terminologie „Anti-Aging-Medizin“ beschrieben wird. Dabei geht es bewusst nicht darum, den(More)