Prof. Alfred Fröhlich

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Clip-type fixators are preferred for femur treatment because of the specific anatomic conditions. Good experience has been obtained from the Magdeburg fixator (an improved configuration of the Wagner fixator). Indication for fixator osteosynthesis on the femur does not differ from the generally valid principles. The approach was found to be suitable also(More)
Broad clinical use of ultrasonics for diagnosis is possible by means of the efficient gear developed during the last ten years. Physical reasons suggest that a frequency around 1 MHz should be used for diagnosis on bones. Typical index values are registered from the echogram, which are still to be checked as to their reliability.
Exposure to silica dust was studied in the grinding of castings in a steel foundry that used conventional personal sampling methods and new real-time sampling techniques developed for the identification of high-exposure tasks and tools. Approximately one-third of the personal samples exceeded the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(More)