Prodromos D. Chatzoglou

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PURPOSE The use of information technology in the health care sector and especially in hospitals offers great potential for improving the quality of services provided and the efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel, but also for reducing the organizational expenses. However, the main question that arises according to the literature is whether hospital(More)
Over the past decade, hospitals in Greece have made significant investments in adopting and implementing new hospital information systems (HISs). Whether these investments will prove beneficial for these organizations depends on the support that will be provided to ensure the effective use of the information systems implemented and also on the satisfaction(More)
The highly competitive global environment of the last few decades has urged companies to rely on Information Systems (IS) in order to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase productivity. In that direction, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are being used as significant strategic tools that provide competitive advantages and lead to(More)
The frequently observed positive impact of adopting risk management strategies on projects' overall outcome has led many software development organizations to appreciate its significant role in the pursuit of cost reduction, schedule overruns decrease and, generally, improved performance. In line with this issue, this study investigates a wide range of(More)
The deployment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the health care sector and, especially, in hospitals offers great potential for improving the quality of services and reducing organizational expenses. This paper focuses on the utilization of ICT in the Greek health sector and, more specifically, on the use of Electronic Health Record(More)