Priyata Lal

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An analysis of data from two successive tuberculosis prevalence surveys (conducted at an interval of 18 months) in a random sample of villages in Bangalore District, South India, has shown that the term "a case of pulmonary tuberculosis" does not represent a single uniform entity, but rather embraces cases of several types, differing considerably in their(More)
A controlled study on the enhancing of tuberculin allergy by one or more earlier tuberculin tests was carried out in a previously untested and unvaccinated population, in an area where the prevalence of non-specific allergy was known to be high. The results have shown that a test with 1 TU of PPD RT 23 in Tween 80 diluent causes subsequent tests to elicit(More)
The findings in a highly selected group of patients, such as those attending clinics or sanatoria, cannot be used as the basis for assessing the true prevalence of strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with acquired or primary resistance or of sensitive strains in a community. The present report describes the prevalence of such strains as found in 3(More)
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