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Face detection is an important research area having wide applications in man-machine interface, visual surveillance and face recognition. We have proposed an algorithm for face detection using Gradient Vector Flow in gray level images which overcomes the problem for localization and initialization. The algorithm has been tested on various face databases and(More)
Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) has been a source of a tremendous health predicament since time immemorial and even today it is immensely intricate both for patients and an otologist to deal with. It is a chronic inflammation of the mucoperiosteum of the middle ear cleft which leads to abundant discharge from the ear and hearing impairment that may(More)
INTRODUCTION Security is one of the major issues in today's world and most of us have to deal with some sort of passwords in our daily lives; but, these passwords have some problems of their own. If one picks an easy-to-remember password, then it is most likely that somebody else may guess it. On the other hand, if one chooses too difficult a password, then(More)
Topology control aims to provide more spatial reuse and power conservation while keeping network's connectivity. However just a few number of efforts focused on the issue of topology control with mobility. Some of topology control algorithms (e.g. CEC) try to provide more energy conservation by sleeping the redundant nodes. This paper presents a sleep-based(More)
We experimentally demonstrate that the use of a weak seed pulse of energy less than 0.4% of the pump results in a spectral energy enhancement that spans over 2 octaves and a total energy enhancement of more than 3 times for supercontinua generated by millijoule level femtosecond pulses in Krypton gas. Strong four-wave mixing of the pump-seed pulse(More)
  • E Yu Arapova, M A Barinov, M A Vronskii, G V Dolgoleva, V F Yermolovich, J A Chakera +10 others
  • 2010
Experimental investigations of the conversion of Nd-laser energy (O = 532 nm, intensity 10 13 W/cm) into X-rays by irradiation of gold/copper alloys have shown a dependence on the atomic percentage of gold and copper [1, 2]. The X-ray yield in the photon energy region up to 1 keV reaches the maximum when the alloy contains 43% of gold. For harder X-rays(More)
Granular Computing based Face Recognition for Recognizing Disguised Face Images: Developed a neural network architecture based 2D log Gabor feature extraction algorithm. The face image was divided into three levels of granularity and facial features were extracted from every granule that was then used to identify individuals. Finally, the match scores(More)
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