Priyankar Ghosh

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We present algorithms for generating alternative solutions for explicit acyclic AND/OR structures in non-decreasing order of cost. Our algorithms use a best first search technique and report the solutions using an implicit representation ordered by cost. Experiments on randomly constructed AND/OR DAGs and problem domains including matrix chain(More)
The stringent power budget of fine grained power managed digital integrated circuits have driven chip designers to optimize power at the cost of area and delay, which were the traditional cost criteria for circuit optimization. The emerging scenario motivates us to revisit the classical operator scheduling problem under the availability of DVFS enabled(More)
In this paper we consider finding solutions for problems represented using AND/OR graphs, which contain tasks that can fail when executed. In our setting each node represent an atomic task which is associated with a failure probability and a rollback penalty. This paper reports the following contributions-(a) an algorithm for finding the optimal ordering of(More)