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Mobile ad hoc network especially follows multihopping mechanism for routing to make a path from source to destination. If we have a sound and solid routing path that would be efficient, reliable and adaptable to the different scenarios of network too by following the next hop mechanism and also should be the farthest node with in the cluster then we could(More)
In this paper a review of k-means, incremental k – means and D-M algorithm is presented. How the objects are clustered based on the three partitioning algorithms is shown. The complexities are calculated and compared. Implementations of the algorithms are clearly presented with their objects grouping. An example is taken to understand D-M clustering(More)
— Image compression is the application of Data compression on digital images. Digital images contain large amount of Digital information that need effective techniques for storing and transmitting large volume of data. Image compression techniques are used for reducing the amount of data required to represent a digital image. An Image can be compressed with(More)
In this paper we propose a novel region based hybrid medical image watermarking (MIW) scheme to ensure authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of medical images. In this scheme a digital medical image is partitioned into region of interest (ROI) and the region of non interest (RONI). To detect and localize ROI tampering with high accuracy pixel wise(More)
To design the power and area proficient fast speed data path logic systems, the field of very large scale integration (VLSI) is the generally significant area of research where minimize the area and power is the more difficult task. In digital system, mostly adders lie in the crucial paths that affect the whole performance of the system. To perform the fast(More)
All software systems need modifications with time, these modifications involve different types or amounts of code modifications in different versions. To validate these modifications many regression testing sessions are needed. But researchers do not have a single regression testing technique that can be used on every version. The objective of this scrutiny(More)