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The keratinophilic soil fungus Chrysosporium tropicum was evaluated as a biological control agent against Anopheles stephensi larvae in the laboratory. Culture filtrates of C. tropicum were found to be toxic to An. stephensi larvae at various concentrations. The ranges of the 50% lethal concentration (LC50) values of fungal filtrates were 16.60-17.78,(More)
Prostate cancer (CaP) is a common reproductive cancer among men. This study was conducted to correlate the cancer incidence with Gangetic zone and to correlate the tumor marker prostate specific antigen (PSA) level in serum with different age groups and stage of malignancy. Patients suffering from CaP in the pathology unit of Mahavir Cancer Sansthan(More)
The properties of DNA sequences offer an opportunity to develop DNA specific compression algorithm. A lossless two phase compression algorithm is presented for DNA sequences. In the first phase a modified version of Run Length Encoding (RLE) is applied and in the second phase the resultant genetic sequences is compressed using ASCII values. Using ASCII(More)
Specific nucleic acid aptamers using the microtiter plate based modified SELEX method against explosive trinitrotoluene are reported. Efficient partitioning of dsDNA was carried out using streptavidin labeled gold nanoprobes for the selection of specific aptamers. The selected binders having an affinity of ~10(-7) M were used in the newly developed(More)
Efficacy of fungal metabolites of Chrysosporium tropicum was evaluated against Culex quinquefasciatus larvae in the laboratory to determine their larvicidal activity at 6 concentrations, with a mortality range of 10-95%. Efficacy of C. tropicum was analyzed by probit analysis procedures. The LC50 (concentration lethal to 50% of the population) values were(More)
Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) algorithm is one of the nature-inspired optimization methods, based on the study of geographical distribution of species on earth. The present research work is based upon decomposition of human electroencephalograms (EEG) signal by Wavelet Packet Transform, computation of a complete feature set using statistical and(More)
We report lithium ion intercalation mediated efficient exfoliation of graphite to form monolithic graphene sheets which have subsequently been investigated for the development of highly sensitive label-free electrochemical detection platform for cardiac biomarker, Troponin I (cTnI). The spectroscopic and morphological analysis demonstrated the formation of(More)
Mobile ad hoc network especially follows multihopping mechanism for routing to make a path from source to destination. If we have a sound and solid routing path that would be efficient, reliable and adaptable to the different scenarios of network too by following the next hop mechanism and also should be the farthest node with in the cluster then we could(More)