Priyanka Sinha

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Once the person's identity is established, the most important aspects of ubiquitous healthcare monitoring of elderly and chronic patients are location, activity, physiological and psychological parameters. Since smartphones have become the most pervasive computing platform today, it is only a logical extension to use the same in healthcare domain for(More)
Identifying the genetic basis of human adaptation has remained a central focal point of modern population genetics. One major area of interest has been the use of polymorphism data to detect so-called "footprints" of selective sweeps - patterns produced as a beneficial mutation arises and rapidly fixes in the population. Based on numerous simulation studies(More)
This paper details an application to monitor noise in a city. The soundscape application involves capturing of audio data using user's mobile phone, extracting the features and posting the same to the backend, running analytics on the same and then displaying it using a legend-based heat-map on a dashboard. This application can be widely used by the(More)
In this paper, we explore reduction of search space in sensor data analytics using social network graph theory. Human centric social network allow graphical connect of individuals either based on familiarity or common intent. This facilitates people centric applications as they now operate on a much smaller data set. Extending this analogy to sensor(More)
Market demand for an embedded realization of video OCR motivated the authors to exert an attempt to evaluate the performance of existing document image OCR techniques for the same. Thus authors have tried to port the open source OCR systems like GOCR and Tessar act on an embedded platform. But their performance on an embedded platform shows that the(More)
Schema matching, which establishes whether two objects are semantically related, has been a focus of data management research due to its critical role in enterprise information integration. Current schema matching techniques typically tend to exploit only a single method selected from matching schema structure, or syntax, or semantics, or data and(More)
Chikungunya fever is an arboviral infection caused by the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) and is transmitted by Aedes mosquito. The envelope protein (E2) of Chikungunya virus is involved in attachment of virion with the host cell. The present study was conceptualized to determine the structure of E2 protein of CHIKV and to identify the potential viral entry(More)
Multimedia has embraced the marketing industry with its innovative tools. Advertising as a part of marketing is not an exception. Social media is one of its tools which is growing with an accelerating speed and facilitating meaningful participation. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is considered to leverage its features to(More)