Priyanka Kokil

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This paper is concerned with the problem of the suppression of overflow oscillations in fixed-point state-space interfered digital filters using generalized overflow nonlinearities. The proposed linear matrix inequalities-based l2 − l∞ criteria not only assure asymptotic stability, but alsominimize the effect of external interference to a prescribed(More)
This paper presents a new passivity condition for fixed-point state-space interfered digital filters using saturation arithmetic. Passivity is a way to characterize input-output stability of a system, that is, supplied bounded input energy produces bounded output energy. The presented criterion also ensures asymptotic stability of the state-space digital(More)
A novel linear matrix inequality (LMI)-based criterion for the global asymptotic stability of two-dimensional (2-D) state-space digital filters described by the Roesser model employing various combinations of quantization and overflow nonlinearities is presented. The criterion is less restrictive than a previously reported criterion. & 2012 Elsevier B.V.(More)
In this paper, implementation of a remote motion controller with visual feedback on an android device with Wi-Fi communication protocol is proposed. Control algorithm incorporates the real-time data available from the camera, which is used as feedback, which in turn, greatly improves efficiency. This application can be implemented on any Android device(More)