Priyanka Garg

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'Manually Curated Database of Rice Proteins' (MCDRP) available at is a unique curated database based on published experimental data. Semantic integration of scientific data is essential to gain a higher level of understanding of biological systems. Since the majority of scientific data is available as published(More)
A large fraction of binary classification problems arising in web applications are of the type where the positive class is well defined and compact while the negative class comprises everything else in the distribution for which the classifier is developed; it is hard to represent and sample from such a broad negative class. Classifiers based only on(More)
The polarity of opinion is a crucial part of information and ignoring the asymmetry between them, can potentially result in an inaccurate estimation of the number of product adoptions and incorrect recommendations. We analyze the propagation patterns of the negative and positive opinions on two real world datasets, Flixster and Epinions, and observe that(More)
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