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Proposed work is a mobility based checkpointing and trust based rollback recovery algorithm to provide fault tolerance in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET). Here each mobile host maintains a count of number of clusters a mobile host traverses through, during a single checkpoint interval. A mobile host increments 'cluster-change-count' by 1, each time it leaves(More)
In this work, we propose a trust based secure checkpointing and recovery technique in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET). In resource constrained MANET, ensuring secure checkpointing using cryptography increases overhead and consumption of resources. Hence additional overhead of secure checkpointing should be minimized. Here proposed trust model is combined with(More)
Staphylococcus aureus is now being considered under investigation for designing of new inhibitors as the pathogen has acquired resistance against β lactam antibiotics. S. aureus is acquiring resistance against β lactam antibiotics because of penicillin binding proteins (PBPs) coded by mec A gene. These PBPs are considered to be responsible for(More)
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