Priyank Rastogi

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DNA sequencing technology generates millions of patterns on Every run of the machine and it poses a challenge for matching these patterns to the reference genome effectively with high execution speed. The main idea here is inexact matching of patterns with mismatches and gaps (insertions and deletions). In Inexact match up pattern DNA sequence is to be(More)
As the scaling continues to reduce the physical feature size and to increase the functional throughput, two most outstanding limitations and major challenges among others, are power dissipation and variability as identified by ITRS. This paper presents the expose, in those collective phenomena, spintronics using appropriate order parameters of magnetic(More)
As MOS Transistors channel length continues to scale beyond 90nm, classical drift-diffusion model for carrier transport of such type of devices is not valid. For these dimensions of Transistors Quasi-Ballistic/ Ballistic transport phenomena occur and a new mobility model is required to predict electrical behavior of these devices perfectly. Self-heating is(More)
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