Priyananda Shenoy

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Otomycosis (fungal infection of the ear) is not uncommon clinical problem encountered in our ENT practice. It makes up to 6 per cent of all patients with symptoms of ear disease seen in the Outpatient Clinic. Of the 193 patients with a clinical diagnosis of otomycosis, 171 cases produced positive fungal isolates. In this study Aspergillus species (niger and(More)
A prospective study on 210 patients was conducted to determine the relative efficacy of infiltration anaesthesia as against surface anaesthesia for antral lavage. The patients were categorized into three groups and comparisons were made on patient response and our observations. This study confirms that infiltration technique is superior to surface(More)
Congenital first branchial cleft fistulae, their embryology, anomalies, varied relationships to the facial nerve and surgical techniques for their excision have been well described in the literature. We report a case of a type II first cleft fistula in a three-year-old child which required a modification of the standard surgical approach to achieve safe and(More)
An unusual case of odontogenic keratocyst arising from the maxilla, involving the maxillary antrum has been reported. Presence of an ectopic canine tooth under the orbital floor was a noticeable feature of this case. The clinical presentation, radiological, and histological aspects and treatment have been reviewed.
OBJECTIVE To report a case where GlideScope is used for the biopsy of the tongue base. BACKGROUND GlideScopes are used by anaesthetists for difficult intubations. CASE REPORT This paper reports a case where a GlideScope was used for biopsy of the tongue base. A review of the literature indicated that this was the first time a GlideScope had been(More)