Priya Singha Roy

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Vegetation type and its biomass are considered important components affecting biosphere-atmosphere interactions. The measurements of biomass per unit area and productivity have been set as one of the goals for International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP). Ground assessment of biomass, however, has been found insufficient to present spatial extent of(More)
The study area, Madhav National Park (MP) represents northern tropical dry deciduous forest. The national park, due to its unique location (nearest to township), is under tremendous biotic pressure. In order to understand vegetation structure and dynamics, vegetation mapping at community level was considered important. Prolonged leafless period and(More)
Forest density expressing the stocking status constitutes the major stand physiognomic parameter of Indian forest. Density and age are often taken as surrogate to structural and compositional changes that occur with the forest succession. Satellite remote sensing spectral response is reported to provide information on structure and composition of forest(More)
The spatial characterisation and vertical analysis are together considered important to evaluate structure of forested landscapes. In recent years, increased human impacts have resulted in changes in landscape and structure of the forest ecosystem. The present study is aimed to analyse impacts of disturbance on landscape structure using satellite remote(More)
The major breakthrough for future in MEMS is to integrate micro sensors, micro actuators and micro electronics and other technologies on a single chip. MEMS pressure sensor are the very first MEMS components that have emerged in the micro system world. MEMS pressure sensors are widely being adopted in many applications for their high performance, low cost(More)
In this paper two MEMS capacitive pressure sensor of two diffident geometries are designed for measurement of absolute pressure. Both of these sensors are designed as parallel plates where one is movable and the other is fixed. The only difference with common parallel plate structure is that one of the movable plates is supported by four anchors with(More)
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