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Multidrug resistance is a hurdle to successful cancer chemotherapy. Over expression of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is a prime contributing factor for drug resistance. In this study, a disulphide cross-linked pullulan-based cationic polymer (PPSS) was synthesized to act simultaneously as gene delivery vehicle and efflux pump inhibitor. The PPSS nanoplexes were of(More)
Images are displayed in devices with different resolutions with the help of image resizing. Traditional image resizing methods don’t pay attention to the content of an image while resizing, thus make the image be seen unnaturally. Content-aware image resizing techniques consider the visual content of images during the resizing process. The basic idea in(More)
  • Ashokkumar S, Suresh A, Priya S S, Dhanasekaran R
  • 2016
Video Summarization (VS), is one of the recent attractive research studies in huge amount of video contents news, sports videos, TV reality shows, Movie reviews etc., Based on user’s facial expression, VS is the challenging task in digital video technology. An automatic recognition of facial expressions is the necessary task in VS used in behavioural(More)
With increasing computing needs, energy demands and environmental issues, green computing is the need of the hour. Green computing can be defined as the study of using computers so as to maximise energy efficiency, reducing the use of hazardous materials and employing the 3 R principleREDUCE, REFURBISH and RECYCLE. This paper is a case study that takes(More)
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