Priya Pathak

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Mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) have been proposed to support dynamic scenarios where no infrastructure exists. Each node in the network acts as a host as well as a router and, forwards traffic to other nodes. MANETs can be set up quickly and at low cost in contrast to infrastructure networks which may be wired or wireless. There is an increasing threat of(More)
Advance in mobile ad hoc network and information technology for safety purpose of vehicles movement vehicle ad hoc network introduce, this network rapidly change network scenario and security concern is one of the most concerning area for this network, in our paper we study about vehicle ad hoc intrusion and it's prevention our propose work focus on trust(More)
Present intrusion detection systems rapidly monitor MANETs environment, which leads rapid depletion of battery life to address this issue we propose a novel intrusion detection system for detecting black hole attack and gray hole attack which is based on table driven approach or voting process in which routing propose we use Ad hoc on demand routing(More)
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANETs) is a dynamic remote system where the nodes move arbitrarily with no infrastructure. VANETs are an open transmission and correspondence media with no security system. The principle objective of VANET is to give communication between vehicles without bargaining security. Controlling the activity and recognizing getting into(More)
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