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Oxidized LDL induced extracellular trap formation in human neutrophils via TLR-PKC-IRAK-MAPK and NADPH-oxidase activation.
Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) formation was initially linked with host defence and extracellular killing of pathogens. However, recent studies have highlighted their inflammatory potential.Expand
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Altered glucose and lipid homeostasis in liver and adipose tissue pre-dispose inducible NOS knockout mice to insulin resistance
On the basis of diet induced obesity and KO mice models, nitric oxide is implied to play an important role in the initiation of dyslipidemia induced insulin resistance. However, outcomes using iNOSExpand
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Corrigendum: Altered glucose and lipid homeostasis in liver and adipose tissue pre-dispose inducible NOS knockout mice to insulin resistance
Scientific Reports 7: Article number: 41009; published online: 20 January 2017; updated: 06 April 2017 In the original version of this Article, the link to the Supplementary Information file wasExpand
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Standardized fraction of Xylocarpus moluccensis fruits improve vascular relaxation and plaque stability in dyslipidemic models of atherosclerosis.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Xylocarpus moluccensis (Lamk.) M. Roem of family Meliaceae has triterpenoids rich fruits. Triterpenoids have been known to possess cardioprotection andExpand
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Vasomodulatory effects and mass spectral analysis of Bridelia ferruginea Benth.
Nene-Bi Semi Anthelme 1# , Priya Pathak 2# , Jitendra S Kanshana 2 , Babu N Kanuri 2 , Sanjay C Rebello 2 , Brijesh Kumar 3 , Prem P Yadav 4 , Flavien Traore 1 , K Jagavelu 2 & Madhu Dikshit 5 *Expand
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Glucose and lipid metabolism alterations in liver and adipose tissue pre-dispose p47phox knockout mice to systemic insulin resistance
Abstract Oxidative stress due to enhanced production or reduced scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS) has been associated with diet (dyslipidemia) induced obesity and insulin resistance (IR).Expand
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Vasoreactivity of isolated aortic rings from dyslipidemic and insulin resistant inducible nitric oxide synthase knockout mice.
Recent study from this lab indicated enhanced susceptibility of iNOS KO mice for diet induced obesity (DIO) and systemic insulin resistance (IR) as compared to C57BL/6 (WT) mice. The present studyExpand
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Systemic Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Perturbations in Chow Fed Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Knockout Male Mice: Partial Reversal by Nitrite Supplementation
iNOS, an important mediator of inflammation, has emerged as an important metabolic regulator. There are conflicting observations on the incidence of insulin resistance (IR) due toExpand