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BACKGROUND Amplatzer vascular plugs (AVPs) are devices ideally suited to close medium-to-large vascular communications. There is limited published literature regarding the utility of AVPs in congenital cardiovascular malformations (CCVMs). AIMS To describe the use of AVPs in different CCVMs and to evaluate their safety and efficacy. MATERIALS AND(More)
This study on 10 patients highlights the complementary role of Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and 3D echocardiography in Ebstein anomaly. While 3D echo-cardiography is excellent for depicting valve anatomy, CMR assesses the functional RV, presence of fibrosis and PA anatomy. GOSE score is accurately calculated on CMR.
We report a rare complication of massive aneurysm of the proximal ligated end of the main pulmonary artery which occurred in the setting of a patient with a functionally univentricular heart and increased pulmonary blood flow undergoing superior cavopulmonary connection. Awareness of this possibility may guide others to electively transect the pulmonary(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) This study aimed to determine the prevalence of carotid artery stenosis (CAS) due to atherosclerosis in neurologically asymptomatic patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) for coronary artery disease (CAD). It contemplated a greater role for the cardiac anesthesiologist in the perioperative management of such patients with(More)
Aortic atresia with an associated ventricular septal defect and adequate sized left ventricle is extremely rare. We present two cases in which an alternate diagnosis was suggested on echocardiography because the hypoplastic aortic trunk was missed due to its small caliber. The final diagnosis was, however, clinched on dual source computed tomography, which(More)
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