Priya Hazrah

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OBJECTIVE The need for stapling is a relative drawback of laparoscopic hernia repairs because it adds to the complications and costs. The safety of unstapled repairs as a viable alternative lacks validation, due to the dearth of analogous comparative trials. METHODS Patients were randomized to undergo either stapled or unstapled total extraperitoneal(More)
BACKGROUND Methylation-mediated suppression of detoxification, DNA repair and tumor suppressor genes has been implicated in cancer development. This study was designed to investigate the impact of concurrent methylation of multiple genes in breast tumors on disease prognosis. METHODS Methylation specific PCR was carried out to analyze the methylation(More)
Traumatic abdominal wall hernia, a rare cause of hernia, has a confusing clinical picture and requires a high index of suspicion for prompt diagnosis and management. Such hernias, if missed, can result in high morbidity and may prove fatal. Distinction from a pre-existing hernia is important as well. We report our experience in two such cases, which had(More)
BACKGROUND Septic complications reported from stones and concretions lost in the peritoneal cavity following laparoscopic cholecystectomy reflect the infective potential of gallstones. Although bacteria have been demonstrated in the core of gallstones by scanning electron microscopy and molecular genetic techniques, gallstone culture is the only conclusive(More)
BACKGROUND Histamine receptor antagonists have been shown to induce tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in colonic cancers and improve survival. The role of histamine receptor anatagonists in breast cancer is unclarified. AIM To evaluate the role of histamine receptor antagonists in inducing (TILs) in breast cancer. METHOD Forty-five patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION Bilateral inguinal hernias form a part of the complex spectrum of weakness in the region of the myopectineal orifice. Laparoscopic surgery is one of the standard approaches for bilateral hernias. We describe the results of a randomized trial that was undertaken to compare and evaluate TAPP and TEP repair for bilateral inguinal hernias. (More)
BACKGROUND The prognostic significance of the primary tumor site in breast cancers is not established with only a few studies having evaluated the issue. MATERIALS AND METHODS The relevance of a primary tumor site with respect to systemic disease relapse was evaluated in 187 patients with breast cancer treated with primary surgery and adjuvant(More)
Diverticulosis is rare in jejunum and its unusual presentation of mechanical obstruction is difficult to diagnose pre-operatively. We report a case of a 54-year old male patient who had symptoms of general abdominal pain and vomiting off and on for three years. He had been assessed elsewhere and had received a course of anti-tubercular treatment empirically(More)
INTRODUCTION Ventral hernias may be primary or incisional and classified as midline ventral hernias (MVHs) or non-MVHs (NMVHs). NMVHs are rarer, and their laparoscopic management is technically challenging because of varied anatomic locations, differences in patient positioning at time of surgery, and lack of adequate lateral space for mesh fixation,(More)
The gall bladder is least common intra-abdominal organ to be involved by tuberculosis. It is either part of systemic miliary tuberculosis or abdominal tuberculosis. Isolated gall bladder tuberculosis is even rarer, can presents either as calculus or acalculus cholecystitis. Gall bladder tuberculosis presenting as a localized perforation with a sinus(More)