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Melamine and cyanuric acid have been implicated as adulterants in baby formula in China and pet foods in North America. In China, the effect of melamine or melamine-cyanuric acid adulteration lead to kidney stone development and acute renal failure in thousands of Chinese infants. A selective and sensitive analytical method was developed to measure melamine(More)
The ability to quantify levels of target analytes in biological samples accurately and precisely in biomonitoring involves the use of highly sensitive and selective instrumentation such as tandem mass spectrometers and a thorough understanding of highly variable matrix effects. Typically, matrix effects are caused by co-eluting matrix components that alter(More)
Genetic and environmental factors, such as metals, interact to determine neurological traits. We reasoned that interactomes of molecules handling metals in neurons should include novel metal homeostasis pathways. We focused on copper and its transporter ATP7A because ATP7A null mutations cause neurodegeneration. We performed ATP7A immunoaffinity(More)
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