Priya Choudhary

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In an urban area, users use spaces on the basis of preferences and importances given. User preferences are usually common for a society due to common socio-cultural background. The paper attempts to understand the differences in user preferences of residents of two select localities in a developing city of Nagpur in India by studying the relationship(More)
India, being in a rapid phase of urbanization; the majority of the small and medium size cities are growing since last decade. These cities usually have a traditional settlement as an urban core, developed in the medieval period with an organic pattern and almost frozen in time, protecting its labyrinthine qualities, till the19 century. For planners, such(More)
An optimal production of biofuels from biomass is necessary in order to ensure its competitiveness. In this article, we consider the efficient production and procurement of biofuel to satisfy the demands of multiple users considering a multitude of factors such as the availability of multiple technologies, procurement of biomass from a variety of sources,(More)
In this report we present a polyketal, termed pADK, which has adamantane groups embedded in its backbone, and degrades into neutral excretable compounds. pADK was synthesized via click chemistry and had a MW of 49 472 and a PDI of 1.74. We demonstrate here that pADK can increase the transfection efficiency of CD1800 (PEI of 1800 modified β-cyclodextrin) 60(More)
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