Priya Chandran

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SystemC is a system-level modeling language and simulation framework which facilitates design and verification of processor designs at different levels. Recently, SystemC is becoming a popular choice for designers of both System-On-Chip (SoC) and embedded processors, due to its adaptability at cycle as well as transaction levels, and ability to model(More)
It is an open challenge for virtualization technology architects to provide security to Virtual Machine (VM), in the presence of an infected hypervisor, without much compromise on performance. A few hardware modifications have been introduced by manufactures like Intel and AMD to provide a secure VM environment with low performance degradation. These(More)
Cloud computing has evolved as a popular computing environment. In data centric applications hosted on the cloud, data is accessed and updated in a purely distributed manner. The distributed data structures used for dynamic storage of the data for such applications require two fundamental qualities, authentication and persistence, which are not completely(More)
Event reconstruction is the process that explains the 'how' and 'why' of an evidence in a digital investigation. Formalization of this process is essential because the evidence is of legal value which requires a logical reasoning. A finite state machine approach and formalization of the event reconstruction problem had been proposed by Gladyshev. The(More)
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