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The HDMI Transmitter's output driver capable of datarate 3.4Gbps/channel is designed in 40nm technology using the single-ended structure instead of the conventional Differential Current Mode Logic buffer. There is 40% gain in area because of the proposed structure. The power consumption of the implemented HDMI Transmitter Electrical Physical layer is(More)
Outliers are abnormal instances or observations. Detecting data outliers is a very important concept in Knowledge data discovery. Outlier detection has been studied in the context of a large number of research areas like large distributed systems, data mining, wireless sensor networks(WSN), health monitoring, environmental science, statistics, etc. ,(More)
Outliers are dissimilar or inconsistent data objects with respect to the remaining data objects in the data set or which are far away from their cluster centroids. Detecting outliers in data is a very important concept in Knowledge Data Discovery process for finding hidden knowledge. The task of detecting the outliers has been studied in a large number of(More)
Word sense disambiguation (WSD) is still an open research area in natural language processing and computational linguistics. It is from both theoretical and practical point of view. Here, the problem is to find the sense for word in given a context, It is a technique of natural language processing(NLP) ,which requires queries and documents in NLP or texts(More)
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