Priti Wahi

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RATIONALE Acute 1-day food deprivation reinstates heroin seeking in rats via a leptin-dependent mechanism. However, leptin has no effect on footshock- or heroin-priming-induced reinstatement of drug seeking. These data may indicate that the neuronal systems underlying food-deprivation-induced reinstatement are dissociable from those involved in(More)
A new type of mountain sickness is described. 21 men (age 22.2, standard deviation [SD] 1.8 years) had severe congestive heart failure with oedema and ascites after 10.8 (SD 5.9) weeks at altitudes of 5800-6700 m. Investigation, within 3 days of transfer to 300 m, showed polycythaemia, cardiomegaly with right ventricular enlargement, and (in 17) pericardial(More)
A patient with diffuse involvement of the central nervous system and pseudohypertrophic muscular changes induced by cysticerci is described. Electromyographic and pathologic changes are reported for the first time. Electromyographic examination demonstrated numerous short-duration, low-amplitude motor unit potentials in proximal muscles. Biopsy showed(More)
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