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BACKGROUND Elderly depressed patients have more vascular hyperintensities in frontal white matter and basal ganglia than elderly control subjects. Cell pathology that might be related to increased vascular hyperintensities has not been examined. METHODS Postmortem samples from the orbitofrontal cortex (ORB) were collected in 15 elderly subjects with major(More)
Morphometric changes in the general population of Nissl-stained neurons in area 9 of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex have been reported in major depressive disorder (MDD) and schizophrenia. These alterations include lamina-specific reductions in the packing density of neuronal somata in MDD, increases or reductions in the density of neuronal somata in(More)
We have devised a technique for simultaneously measuring the acid secretion into the stomach and alkali into the duodenum by in situ titration using a modification of the technique of Fordtran and Walsh. Using this technique, the results of acid and alkali secretion measured simultaneously were identical with those obtained using the conventional aspiration(More)
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