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Compared with the ingestion of corrosive substances in children, this problem tends to be more serious, in adults, because its intent is often suicidal, rather than accidental. The severity and extent of damage produced to the gastrointestinal tract depends on the morphological form of the caustic agent. In the acute stage, perforation and necrosis may(More)
A sizable number of pancreatic pseudocysts resolve spontaneously. Some, however, require intervention. Surgery was the only option available for many years. Recently, however, newer methods, such as percutaneous drainage and endoscopic cystotenterostomy have been used. Percutaneous drainage is inexpensive, has a low complication rate, and is done under(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the charts of all patients with acute pancreatitis admitted to our hospital between July 1987 and June 1991 to determine the relationship of a pleural effusion in patients with acute pancreatitis with the severity of the disease, the etiology of the pancreatitis, pseudocyst formation, and triglyceride levels. Eleven (13.4%) of(More)
OBJECTIVE 1) To determine whether serum lipase is elevated in patients with nonpancreatic abdominal pain, and 2) to compare the levels of serum lipase and serum amylase found in patients with nonpancreatic abdominal pain with those found in acute pancreatitis in order to differentiate between the two groups. METHODS Serum lipase and amylase levels were(More)
Because of observations that patients with acute episodes of alcoholic pancreatitis had high serum lipase levels whereas patients with gall stone pancreatitis had high serum amylase levels, a prospective study was undertaken to determine whether the ratio of serum lipase to serum amylase, a newly computed ratio, would discriminate between acute episodes of(More)
The current medical literature states that upper gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension originates from a variety of sources. Although variceal bleeding has been recognized as the principal source, acute erosive gastritis and peptic ulcer are said to be the bleeding site in a large percentage of cases. In 140(More)
Using an elevated serum amylase level to diagnose acute pancreatitis in an alcoholic patient with abdominal pain may not be appropriate, because hyperamylesemia is common in asymptomatic alcoholics without acute pancreatitis. To determine whether serum lipase also suffers from the same drawback, we undertook a prospective study involving 202 asymptomatic(More)