Prithviraj Kabisatpathy

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Emotions are broad aspects and expressed in a similar way by every human being; however, these are affected by culture. This creates a major threat to the universality of speech emotion detection system. Cultural behaviour of society affects the way emotions are expressed and perceived. Hence, an emotion recognition system customized for languages within a(More)
Low noise amplifier is the front end block of radio-frequency receiver system. The design concept demonstrates the design trade-off with noise figure, power gain, power consumption and impedance matching. This paper, investigates the cascade LNA design using ladder matching network. The frequency range for the design ranges from 2GHz to 7GHz. The lump(More)
The property of the Gaussian white noise that its auto-correlation is a single Dirac-δ function is exploited in this paper. The testing scheme proposed uses a pseudorandom noise as the input stimulus, thereby providing a good estimation of the impulse response of a circuit under test (assumed to be stable linear time-invariant circuit). The methodology is(More)
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