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Collagen synthesis was measured in liver slices obtained from mice with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. Enlarged fibrotic livers from these mice contained 20 times more collagen than normal. This model of hepatic fibrosis results from an inflammatory granulomatous host response to Schistosoma mansoni ova in portal tracts, rather than from direct lover cell(More)
We determined collagen synthetic rates and utilization of key amino acid precursors of collagen in slices of wedge liver biopsy specimens obtained at required surgery from 9 patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis and from 4 control patients. The liver specimens from the patients with schistosomiasis showed advanced fibrosis, with histologic evidence of(More)
Indirect air dielectric barrier discharge in close proximity to water creates an acidified, nitrogen-oxide containing solution known as plasma-activated water (PAW), which remains antibacterial for several days. Suspensions of E. coli were exposed to PAW for either 15 min or 3 h over a 7-day period after PAW generation. Both exposure times yielded initial(More)
Proline, a critical substrate for collagen synthesis, is increased in liver undergoing fibrosis. In mice with schistosomiasis, the incorporation of proline into collagen occurs within liver granulomas. To study the interaction of liver cells and granulomas in the development of fibrosis, we assayed the enzymes that catalyze the formation and degradation of(More)
Liver biopsies of four patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis, two patients with schistosomiasis and chronic active hepatitis, two patients with chronic active hepatitis and four control patients with no clinical evidence of either disease, were examined by standard light microscopic techniques, electron microscopy and immunocytochemical staining for(More)
The activity of procollagen prolyl hydroxylase was measured in fibrotic liver obtained from mice with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis, an animal model of the most prevalent form of human liver fibrosis. Measurable activity of prolyl hydroxylase in fibrotic liver supernatants was 47-fold higher than that of normal liver. The effect of prolyl hydroxylase(More)
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