Pritesh Parikh

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Field-plates remarkably enhanced large-signal performance of GaN HEMTs by reducing trapping effect and increasing breakdown voltages. Power densities exceeding 30W/mm at 4GHz were demonstrated with gate-connected field plates. Further development of source-connected field pates boosted large-signal gain by 5-7dB, while maintaining the benefit of the field(More)
We study the strain state of doubly clamped VO2 nanobeam devices by dynamically probing resonant frequency of the nanoscale electromechanical device across the metal-insulator transition. Simultaneous resistance and resonance measurements indicate M1-M2 phase transition in the insulating state with a drop in resonant frequency concomitant with an increase(More)
Superlattice in graphene generates extra Dirac points in the band structure and their number depends on the superlattice potential strength. Here, we have created a lateral superlattice in a graphene device with a tunable barrier height using a combination of two gates. In this Letter, we demonstrate the use of lateral superlattice to modify the band(More)
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