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Context based Meaning Extraction is a process of finding the correct sense of a word from the sentence. Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) algorithm is used to remove ambiguity of words and correct domain of a word to be displayed using Word Net Domain. In this paper, conventional methods of WSD such as dictionary and knowledge base, supervised,(More)
Context based Domain identification is a task of identifying correct domain of a word from the sentence. Domain identification is used to resolve ambiguity of words based on context of sentence. Context is a unique proof of meaning and its sentence. Hence, using this unique utility ambiguity is resolved. In this paper, the three stages are discussed which(More)
In Real Time systems with cache, multiple tasks can share this common resource which can lead to cacherelated pre-emption delays (CRPD) being introduced. CRPD is the additional cost incurred from resuming a pre-empted task that no longer has the instructions or data it was using in cache, because the pre-empting task(s) evicted them from cache. It is(More)
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