Pritee Khanna

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This work is directed toward the development of a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system to detect abnormalities or suspicious areas in digital mammograms and classify them as malignant or nonmalignant. Original mammogram is preprocessed to separate the breast region from its background. To work on the suspicious area of the breast, region of interest (ROI)(More)
Rotation and noise invariant feature extraction is a challenge in palmprint recognition. This work presents a novel RDF descriptor based on Radon, Dual tree complex wavelet, and Fourier transforms. Combined properties of these transforms help to explore efficiency and robustness of RDF descriptor for palmprint identification. Radon transform can capture(More)
Wide spread use of biometric based authentication implies the need to secure biometric reference data. Various template protection schemes have been introduced to prevent biometric forgery and identity thefts. Cancelable biometrics and visual cryptography are two recent technologies introduced to address the concerns regarding privacy of biometric data, and(More)