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In this paper, we present Compute Unified Device Architecture i.e. CUDA based pyramidal image blending algorithm using an object oriented design patterns. This algorithm is an essential part of an image stitching process for a seamless panoramic mosaic. The CUDA framework is a novel GPU programming framework from NVIDIA. We introduce an object oriented(More)
In this work, we manipulate an industrial robot from a remote place through a Local Area Network using a force feedback enabled Phantom haptic device as a master, and a stereo vision system for viewing as well as for depth estimation. We propose and implement a stereo vision guided telerobotics system for autonomous pick and place operations. The robot gets(More)
— In this paper, we propose and implement an object oriented framework for the GPU based image processing. Compute Unified Device Architecture i.e. the CUDA is a novel and promising GPU programming framework from the NVIDIA. The CUDA has been used to speedup many computationally intensive graphics as well as non graphics applications, but it requires more(More)
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