Pritam Prakash Shete

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In this paper, we present Compute Unified Device Architecture i.e. CUDA based pyramidal image blending algorithm using an object oriented design patterns. This algorithm is an essential part of an image stitching process for a seamless panoramic mosaic. The CUDA framework is a novel GPU programming framework from NVIDIA. We introduce an object oriented(More)
Maze solving has direct applications like Robot path finding, emergency evacuation, and drug discovery. Traditional methods of maze solving treat the problem of maze as a directional graph by connecting the key nodes. Because of the directional graph treatment, which is applied on the simplified form of the original maze, the maze solving algorithms at(More)
Today we can have huge datasets resulting from computer simulations (FEA, CFD, physics, chemistry etc) and sensor measurements (medical, seismic and satellite). There is exponential growth in computational requirements in scientific research. Modern parallel computers and Grid are providing the required computational power for the simulation runs. The rich(More)
In this paper, we propose and implement an object oriented framework for the GPU based image processing. Compute Unified Device Architecture i.e. the CUDA is a novel and promising GPU programming framework from the NVIDIA. The CUDA has been used to speedup many computationally intensive graphics as well as non graphics applications, but it requires more(More)
High resolution displays utilizing an array of commodity projectors are becoming popular approach(also called tiled displays) for visualizing high resolution content like scientific data-sets. These systems provide a relatively cheaper and flexible alternative to displays based on single high resolution monitor or projector. This approach inherently(More)
A visualization of large datasets requires ultra high resolution. Data wall systems provide large number of pixels by combining a power of multiple graphics cards. In this paper, we propose and realize an object oriented framework for the Message Passing Interface based parallel rendering. We introduce a GUI based viewer called the TiledRenderer, which is(More)
In this research work, we propose and realize a real-time stereoscopic vision system for neurosurgery training using a surgical stereoscopic microscope. We connect a pair of high resolution IP cameras to a surgical microscope through a dual port microscope beam splitter and a pair of microscope video adaptors. We make use of the specifically designed(More)
Stereo vision systems are essential for the 3D object reconstruction, industrial automation, telerobotics and many more. Stereo rectification process aligns the left and the right images such that their respective image rows are accurately aligned with each other. In this paper, we propose and implement a real-time stereo rectification of the high(More)
Image stitching algorithms combine multiple low resolution images and provide a single high resolution composite image with a larger field of view available for video surveillance. In this research work, we put forward and realize real-time panorama composition for a video surveillance application using the power of a GPU. We utilize a cross platform OpenGL(More)
Robots are deployed to perform repeatable as well as hazardous tasks because of their inherent safety, reliability, consistency and accuracy. Recently robots are manipulated remotely using the binocular stereo vision. In this paper, we propose and implement a real-time stereoscopic viewer for telerobotics using open source software. We manipulate the KUKA(More)