Pritam K. Sharma

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The biological factors important in the penetration of Escherichia coli through anaerobic, nutrient-saturated, Ottawa sand-packed cores were studied under static conditions. In cores saturated with galactose-peptone medium, motile strains of E. coli penetrated four times faster than mutants defective only in flagellar synthesis. Motile, nonchemotactic(More)
This study aimed to investigate differences in the gel matrix of aerobic granular sludge and normal aerobic flocculent sludge. From both types of sludge that fed with the same municipal sewage, the functional gel-forming exopolysaccharides, alginate-like exopolysaccharides, were isolated. These two exopolysaccharides were chemically fractionated, and(More)
A strictly anaerobic, moderately halophilic, gram-negative bacterium was isolated from a highly saline oil field brine. The bacterium was a non-spore-forming, nonmotile rod, appearing singly, in pairs, or occasionally as long chains, and measured 0.3 to 0.4 by 2.6 to 4 microns. The bacterium had a specific requirement for NaCl and grew at NaCl(More)
Statistically reliable data on the in situ rates of growth, substrate consumption, and product formation are required to test the validity of the mathematical models developed for microbially enhanced oil recovery and in situ bioremediation processes. A simple, replicable porous-core system that could be aseptically divided into sections at various times(More)
We determined the effects of grain size and nutritional conditions on the penetration rate and metabolic activity of Escherichia coli strains in anaerobic, nutrient-saturated chambers packed with different sizes of glass beads (diameters, 116 to 767 mum) under static conditions. The chambers had nearly equal porosities (38%) but different calculated pore(More)
The strength of granular sludge is essential for the mechanical stability of the granules. Inorganic precipitants form a major factor influencing the strength of the granules. To check the possibility of apatite accumulation in anammox granules, and study its contribution to the mechanical strength of granules, anammox granular sludge was collected from(More)
A field experiment over the two years was conducted to study the ameliorating effects of P, lime and animal manure on wheat (cv s-308) yield, root CEC and on economic doses of P. Phosphorus was applied as single superphosphate at the rate of 0, 13, 26, 39, 52, 65 and 78 kg P per ha; lime as CaCO3 at 0 and 1 t/ha, and well cured animal manure at 0 and 8(More)
The performance of six multistage hybrid constructed wetland systems was evaluated. The systems were designed to treat four kinds of high-content wastewater: dairy wastewater (three systems, average inflow content 2,400-5,000 mg·COD l(-1), 3-6 years of operation); pig farm wastewater, including liquid food washing wastewater (one system, 9,500 mg·COD l(-1),(More)
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