Pritam Duttagupta

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In obese individuals, visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is the seat of chronic low-grade inflammation (metaflammation), but the mechanistic link between increased adiposity and metaflammation largely remains unclear. In obese individuals, deregulation of a specific adipokine, chemerin, contributes to innate initiation of metaflammation by recruiting circulating(More)
An acute dose of biotin (10 mg/100 g body weight) in two subcutaneous injections when given to a rat on day 1 and 2 of pregnancy, caused resorption of fetuses and placentae. Pregnancies under such biotin-treated conditions were maintained by continued estrogen or progesterone therapy. Biotin-treated pregnant rats failed to maintain normal levels of uterine(More)
An acute dose (10 mg/100 g body weight) of biotin at the post-implantation stage (day 14 and 15) inhibited the fetal and placental growth, and in few rats it also caused resorption of fetuses and placentae. The maintenance of pregnancy with normal fetal and placental growth was effected with estrogen therapy, but progesterone failed to correct the(More)
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